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Future Floral Remembrance Plan

The Weeks Following the Funeral

In the first few weeks after a death, family and friends are surrounded by love and attention. But the visits, flowers, cards, and calls eventually dwindle to a trickle, and then may be none. These are the toughest times.

Experts say that although this initial outpouring of sympathy is a great comfort to a family that has lost a loved one, many people experiencing such a loss appreciate knowing they are being thought of in the weeks and months after the funeral. However, this happens all too rarely.

Denise Lee, former floral consultant for the Society of American Florists, points out that, “People continue to care about their grieving friends, but sometimes feel that a continued show of sympathy may be an unwelcome reminder for the bereaved. The reverse is true. Flowers or a card help immensely after the rush of attention has subsided.”

With the Future Floral Remembrance Plan, you can brighten this lonely time by sending a floral remembrance at a specific time (days, month, or a year) afterwards….making this gift especially cherished for its timing and thoughtfulness.

To provide support after the funeral, McAdams Floral offers the following advise;
  • Send a nice remembrance bouquet of flowers or gift to the home 3-5 days after the funeral service.
  • Send a beautiful bouquet of flowers to their work on their first day back.
  • Send a nice remembrance bouquet of flowers on the one year date of the service.
  • Consider offering to send a tribute remembrance basket of flowers to the family’s
  • Church for the service on year after the funeral service in dedication of the deceased.